Tips To Keep Your Home Mold Free


Mold is not only ugly and makes a home look bad, it can also cause a lot of health issues, from asthma to death. The best remedy is to keep your home free of mold to begin with. There are many ways to keep a home free of mold and I am going to share them in this article.

Mold breeds in wet environments. Therefore, keeping areas dry is essential to preventing mold in your home and need a mold remediation service in Tucson. Ways to do that are:

-Keep laundry dry at all times, do not leave it laying out.
-minimize the amount of water that enters your home
-have the roof designed properly to keep water out of the house
-have proper ventilation in the house
-have the right size air conditioner(s)
-have the right amount of humidity in your home

The right temperature is also important to keeping mold out of a home. Some ways to do that are:

-repair holes, cracks, and seals or anywhere where air can enter the home
-use rugs or carpet-They especially help with hardwood or cement floors.
-If you do not have central heat, use air conditioners in the summer and heaters in the winter.
-Do not use room temperature, use under it or above, because mold grows faster at room temperature.

Air Filters are very important too. If you have the wrong one, mold can breed in your house. What you need to look for in an air filter are:

-make sure the right amount of air is coming through it
-choose how effective you need it to be and
-choose the design you want
-figure out what you need to protect yourself against pets, dust, etc.

Upkeep and maintenance are very important as well. Some things that should be checked regularly and kept up are:

-the paint inside and outside of the home
-the roof
-keeping the windows and doors properly sealed

Ventilation is very important also. If you use these ideas and tips, you can keep your home ventilated.

– open your windows when the temperature outside is right
-keep your blinds closed
-run your ceiling fan(s)
-plant bushes and trees
-properly insulate your home

Other ideas to keep your home mold free are:

-use a dehumidifier
-keep your house closed during the day
-keep all room doors open (door stops are a good way to keep doors open that are hard to keep open)
-put box fans in entryways
-have dryers vents that go to the outside (instead of through a crawl space)
-put a vent fan in your bathroom(s)
-have house plants in your home
-get an air purifier

If you use these above ideas, and regularly put them into action, you should be able to keep your home mold free. If you have questions, you can always call or visit any home improvement store or retail store that has a hardware department. My family and I use a lot of these ideas. I hope they will help you also.