Charlotte Post Water Damage Precautions

We have been telling you about some post-water damage precautions that need to be followed by you. In this post too, we will be talking about some common mistakes that people can make and the precautions that need to be taken in order to minimize the damage done to them. This is a continuation of our previous lists. One of the first things you should do if you’re in Charlotte is call the Mold Remediation Pros to fix your water damage.

  • Don’t go near animals- forget about everything else that you have been taught about animals. They are equally distressed about the loss of their homes and could have possible strayed because of the disaster. Going near them or even accidentally disturbing them can be quite a harmful thing to do. Avoid it all costs. Whether they are rodents or insects, just don’t take a chance anywhere.
  • Not using protective clothing- why would you want to go to a water damaged area without wearing protective clothing, rubber hats and rubber gloves? You should wear dust masks and protect yourself from diseases, insect bites, animal issues, chemicals, debris, infections and most of all, electrical shocks. There can be some molds and chemicals that may cause some severe problems with your respiratory system. Avoid it all costs by using protective clothing only.
  • Not opting for a home inspection- no matter how much you want to move into the house, you should first call a home inspector or a building inspector and let him check the damage that has been done to your property. He will be checking the structural damages, the electrical system, the cooling and heating system, the sewage and plumbing systems and much more. You will not be able to check for these damages after the water has receded. However, a home inspector will be able to check for all these issues. Sometimes, porches and shades become quite delicate and can collapse really soon. The inspector will let you know about all these issues so that you can take appropriate measures.
  • Ignoring the sewage system- the septic tank and the entire sewage system can be as badly affected by water damage as other systems of your house. Many bacteria and microorganisms may grow here because of the collection of debris and muck. Even mold outgrowths can start at these places. Not only this, the sewage system can become the home to a number of infections too. Therefore, never believe that the sewage system of your house is invincible and get it checked as soon as possible.